Rajasthan Medical Centre has vast surgical expansion with surgical specialties like General &LaparoscopicSurgery, urosurgeries, gynae surgeries and some onco surgeries and pediatric surgeries as well. The hospital is equipped with a modern OT complex with modular theater and a separate theatre for septic cases.  The hospital has reputation of excellent post-operative patient care.

We have advanced set up in laparoscopic surgery. We have laparoscopic surgery trained technicians, HD cameras etc. Our Laparoscopic surgeon performs various laparoscopic procedures.

General Surgery

General Surgery is the surgical specialty that focuses on the abdominal organs and operates on common abdominal complaints including appendicitis, hernia, gall bladder surgeries, stomach and intestinal issues. The department is supported by state-of-the-art equipments for laparoscopic surgeries, steel modular theaters, high end C-arm, anesthesia workstations, harmonic scalpel for bloodless open and laparoscopic surgeries.


Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery for Gall bladder, Appendix and Hernia (Both inguinal and ventral) are routinely done.


Diabetic Foot Surgery


Hemorrhoids (Piles) Surgery

Piles are being treated by various methods & these ar, Injection sclerotherapy, Open surgery and Stapled haemorrhoidectomy.


Breast Surgery

All diseases related to breast (non- cancerous and cancerous) are treated in this department. These include Lump Breast or Cancer of Breast.


Dermatological Surgery

Removal of suspicious moles

Treatment of subcutaneous infections including necrotizing fasciitis

Skin Grafting to cover defects in the skin resulting from burns, trauma, or infections

Treatment of multiple sebaceous cyst

Treatment of varicose veins


Hernia Surgery

It is protusion of intestines through a defect in abdominal wall, due to natural weakness from birth or due to any operation on abdomen, child birth or lifting of heavy weights. These patients are treated both laparoscopically and by an open method and where indicated using a specialised technique of retro-muscular mesh placement. This results in lesser pain, short hospital stays, less drain days and almost 0% recurrence rates .


Gall Bladder Surgery

One of the most commonly treated surgical condition in India. The surgery is done with Laparoscopic technique (keyhole) and by open method if the condition warrants to.


Others Surgeries

Trauma & Emergency Services including Blunt trauma abdomen

Cholecystectomy - Laparoscopic or Open

Ruptures of the appendix - Appendicectomy

Intestinal obstructions

Thyroid Surgery


Parotid Surgeries

Pilonidal Sinus Surgery

Bed Sores

Ulcerative Colitis

Perforation Peritonitis

LAVH - Laparoscopic Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomies